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Affluent lifestyles and upscale living in a gated, golfing community are all part of the Ancala experience. Located in the shadow of Scottsdale Arizona's McDowell Mountains, this prestigious collection of custom built, multimillion dollar luxury homes average 3000 to 4000 square feet in size, and they encompass 850 acres of golfing pleasure, mixed with breathtaking desert views and mountain vistas. The first homes were available as early as 1994, though the bulk of Ancala's construction took place from the middle 1990s on through 2003, with some construction still continuing today.

Many homes in this luxurious community top the million dollar mark, though prices can vary from $500,000 in the western sections (built by Maraclay Homes), to as much as $6 million dollars for the newer mansions in Ancala's northern region; average values generally settle in the $800,000 range. Ancala is conveniently located on East Via Linda near Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard on the northeast side of Scottsdale, placing the community within the Scottsdale Unified School District and less than a mile from the local schools. Ancala is also within minutes of the Mayo Clinic, numerous shopping outlets, and miles of hiking and nature trails winding through the McDowell Mountains.

Ancala Market Update (First Half 2014)

by Brandon on August 12, 2014

Ancala Market Update First Half 2014Ancala is luxury community in Scottsdale, Arizona located down the street from Talesin West at East Via Linda & North Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. If you own a house in Ancala and want to know how the local market is doing, or if you are looking to purchase a home in Ancala, this page will help you answer the question: is now a good time to buy or sell?

If you are a prospective home seller, get a rough estimate of what your Ancala home is worth by multiplying the average price-per-square-foot by the total number of square-feet in your home. If you would like a full Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for your Ancala home, fill out this form.

If you are a prospective buyer, take a look at the price trends to see where the local Ancala market is headed, and if the market is neutral, favoring buyers, or favoring sellers. To see all the available real estate for sale in Ancala, click here.

p.s. all the charts and graphs below are interactive, so you can hover over & click individual points to get more details

Table of Contents

Map of All Sales in the First Half of 2014

This map shows all the homes that sold between January and June in Ancala. Click on any of the star markers for more information on the given property. Home sales ranged from $510,000 to $1,950,000 during this time frame. As you can see from the map, a variety of homes sold throughout the community.

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List of All Sales in the First Half of 2014

During the first half of 2014, there were 21 home sales in the Scottsdale, Arizona community of Ancala. Here are all the homes that sold in Ancala between January and June. This table is interactive, so feel free to search it using the search box, or sort any of the columns.

Sold $
11402 E ASTER DR5059047$510,000.002,277$223.9844 / 2.001996
11434 E ASTER DR5062800$620,000.002,684$230.99433 / 2.501996
12596 N 116th ST5061960$895,650.003,615$247.76324 / 4.001997
11971 N 119TH ST5009364$900,000.004,004$224.78975 / 4.001997
12032 N 114TH WAY5090897$950,000.003,985$238.3914 / 4.001996
11807 E LARKSPUR DR5007801$990,000.004,524$218.832275 / 5.502001
12290 N 116TH ST5044634$1,035,000.004,216$245.492824 / 4.502003
11657 E WETHERSFIELD RD4972376$1,061,000.004,303$246.572493 / 2.501998
11712 E BLOOMFIELD DR5016105$1,110,000.004,465$248.601525 / 3.501999
11659 E BLOOMFIELD DR5017469$1,156,871.004,401$262.871175 / 3.501998
11926 E DESERT TRAIL RD5042216$1,200,000.004,790$250.52685 / 5.502004
12838 N 116TH ST5062422$1,331,000.005,081$261.951384 / 4.502005
11619 E Charter Oak DR4785866$1,387,500.005,300$261.795695 / 4.502013
11951 E DESERT TRAIL RD4849200$1,425,000.006,750$211.115245 / 6.501998
12745 N 120TH PL5063426$1,430,000.004,800$297.921005 / 4.502000
13030 N 116TH ST5004610$1,599,000.006,318$253.081675 / 5.502002
12750 N 117th ST5092176$1,625,000.005,840$278.25545 / 5.502004
11379 E Dreyfus AVE5041084$1,775,000.005,309$334.34834 / 4.502006
11737 E DESERT TRAIL RD5034819$1,785,000.005,424$329.09614 / 5.501999
11947 E LARKSPUR DR5076985$1,942,500.006,613$293.7305 / 7.002007
11969 E DESERT TRAIL RD5016236$1,950,000.005,750$339.131545 / 5.502004

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Average $/SQFT by Month

The graph above shows the average price-per-square-foot for homes sold in Ancala during the first 6 months of 2014. Outside of January and May, the rest of the months were pretty stable around the 6-month average of $265.59. One thing to keep in mind for the month of January is that it is an outlier because there was only 1 home sale that month, so the result is negatively exaggerated. May is somewhat in the same boat, with only 2 sales occurring during that month.

6-Month Average for ALL Homes: $265.59/sqft
6-Month Average for Homes UNDER $1,000,000: $230.72/sqft
6-Month Average for Homes OVER $1,000,000: $274.86/sqft

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Sales per Month

March and April were equally busy months, with March seeing more homes sell under the $1M mark. One big difference between these two-months that can be seen is when you compare it to the graph below showing the Days on Market. While March & April had identical sales numbers, March had the lower DOM.

As you can see from this graph, most of the homes being sold in Ancala are over the $1,000,000 mark, in fact, there were only 6 sub-$1m sales during the first six months of this year, representing about 29% of all the sales.

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Average DOM by Month

The overall community wide days on market 6-month average is 149 days. So based on the first six-months of this year, you can expect a home will take almost half a year to sell.

The 6-month average for sub-$1,000,000 homes though is a little over 67 days. Big difference than the overall average. The shortest DOM for this price segment is 1-day, and the highest is 227-days.

The 6-month average for the $1M+ segment is 181 days. The shortest DOM in this segment is 0-days, but this is followed by sales that had DOM’s of 54-days, 61-days, and 68-days. So don’t get your hopes up about selling your home in less than one day. On the high side, there were two sales that were on the market for more than 500-days. Pricing your home right is the key differentiator between selling your home in 2-months of waiting a year and a half.

Another way we an look at the DOM metric, is this:

  • Homes sold in under 6-months: 16
  • Homes sold in 6-12-months: 3
  • Homes sold in over 12-months: 2

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How do the subdivisions within Ancala compare to each other for number of sales, average price-per-square-foot, and average days on the market.

# Sales
Average $/SQFT
Average DOM
ANCALA WEST3$241.9576

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Homes Sold by BUILDER

Of the 21 sales that occurred in Ancala between January and June, here are the builders that built them.

  • Custom (Unspecified): 7
  • Brighton Homes: 2
  • Cremer: 1
  • D. Kooley: 1
  • Dishon: 1
  • Dudley: 1
  • Francis Custom: 1
  • Maracay: 2
  • MKM Custom Homes: 1
  • New Tradition Homes: 1
  • RT White: 1
  • Santoyo Construction: 1
  • Silverhunt: 1

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